On-Demand Material and Live Session

This year's IROS will feature a 2h live session of the workshop during the regular conference program. Apart from the live session, pre-recorded talks of our invited speakers will be available as on-demand material. If you are interested, feel free to participate as audience during the pre-recordings. The link to participate will be anounced here on this page once the dates are determined.

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Live Session:

The live session will take place on September, 27th 2 pm - 4 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) and will feature:

  • A panel discussion with the invited speakers
  • Paper presentations and demos


 Session A - 20th August, 9:30 am - 11 am (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time

Dr. Kirill Safronov (KUKA)

Application of Machine Learning-based Technologies for Bin-Picking Automation


Thomas Pilz (Pilz GmbH)

Safety is the Key for Proximity



 Session B - 26th August 10 am - 12 pm (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time
Prof. Danica Kragic Perceptual learning for interaction 10:00-10:30

Dr. Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Broad Sensing of Tactile Events Supports Social-Physical HRI 10:30-11:00

Prof. Choi Hyouk Ryeol

Flexible Dual-mode Tactile and Proximity Sensor for Safe Human Robot Physical Interaction (pHRI) 11:00-11:30


 Session C - 26th August 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time
Prof. Hubert Zangl Real Time Simulation of Proximity Perception Sensors towards Sensors System Design and Sim2Real Applications 13:30-14:00
Prof. Shinichi Hirai Fabric-based Proximity/Contact Sensors with Application to Variable Stiffness Links 14:00-14:30


 Session PhD Forum - 26th August 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time
Serkan Ergun Towards Safe Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Capacitive Sensors for Tactile and Proximity Perception 15:00-15:20
Rachael Burns Teaching Safe Social Touch Interactions Using a Robot Koala 15:20-15:40
Abu Bakar Dawood Multi-Modal Skins for Soft Robot 15:40-16:00
Caleb Escobedo and Matthew Strong Contact Anticipation for Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Robotic Manipulators using Onboard Proximity Sensors 16:00-16:20


 Session D - 26th August 4:50 pm - 5:50 pm (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time
Prof. Zackory Erickson Capacitive Servoing for Physically Assistive Robotics 16:50-17:20
Prof. Lorenzo Jamone Tactile Sensing for Robotic Manipulation based on Soft Materials and Magnetism 17:20-17:50


 Extra Session - 8th September 2 pm am - 3:20 pm (CEST) Link: Zoom


Title Time
Peter Heiligensetzer (MRK-Systeme GmbH) Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in the Industrial Sector by using Capacitive Proximity Sensors 14:00-14:30
Francesca Palermo (PhD Forum) Multi-modal detection of cracks and exploration via graph theory for developing an optimal exploration algorithm for a robotic manipulator 14:30-14:50
Prof. Rebecca Kramer-Botigglio Integrated sensing in soft robots with adaptive morphology 14:50-15:20

On-Demand Material:

  • Grouped talks of invited speakers
  • PhD Forum